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Gravitational PhysicsSeminar: Hunting from transient to continuous gravitational wave signalsSeminarAlicia SintesInstituto de Física Teórica, UAM-CSIC. Online09/05/2022
Dynamical SystemsSeminar: Uniqueness of limit cycles of complex differential equations with two monomialsSeminarChus ÁlvarezOnline08/04/2022
Gravitational PhysicsLes ones gravitacionals, les noves missatgeres de l'Univers.Public TalkAlicia SintesSala d'actes Jeroni Marquès, Menorca08/04/2022
Gravitational PhysicsSeminar: Empirically estimating the distribution of the loudest candidate from a gravitational- wave searchPublic TalkRodrigo TenorioOnline04/04/2022
Gravitational PhysicsAlicia Sintes will give a talk on gravitational waves at IES POLITECNICPublic TalkAlicia SintesIES POLITÈCNIC17/03/2022
Image ProcessingSeminar: Joint denoising and HDR for RAW sequencesSeminarToni BuadesOnline15/03/2022
Gravitational PhysicsInvited Colloquium by Rodrigo Tenorio: All-sky search for continuous gravitational waves from isolated neutron stars using Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo O3 data.Invited ColloquiumRodrigo Tenorio Albert Einstein Institut, Hannover. (Online)15/03/2022
Gravitational PhysicsInvited seminar at Center for Computational Relativity and Gravitation – Rochester Institute of TechnologyInvited SeminarRodrigo TenorioOnline11/03/2022
Gravitational PhysicsMujer y ciencia: ¡Sapere aude!Invited TalkAlicia SintesInstitut Français Budapest, Budapest (Hungría)10/03/2022
Gravitational PhysicsLa xerrada “Ones gravitacionals: noves missatgeres de l’univers” clausura el bloc 5 de la Universitat Oberta per a Majors.Public TalkAlicia SintesSeu de la UIB a Eivissa03/03/2022
Gravitational PhysicsAlicia Sintes will present “Ondas gravitacionales, nuevas mensajeras del universo” in the Ateneo de SantanderPublic TalkAlicia SintesAteneo de Santander23/02/2022
AstrophysicsThe Hitchhiker’s Guide to Coronal RainSeminarRamon OliverOnline19/01/2022

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