Computer Applications

Overview of the research activity

The Computer Applications Group is the main contributor of the IAC3 to the development of open source scientific software for computational  simulation with a sound basis in computer science. Our goals are to construct and optimize scientific computational codes by developing new  numerical schemes and implementing them efficiently, making use of advanced parallelization techniques, different AMR strategies and open source computational infrastructures. These goals converge in Simflowny, a cloud-based open environment for scientific dynamical models, such as multiphysics models, with a user-friendly Integrated Development Environment, which automatically generates parallel code for simulation frameworks. Simflowny has been fully developed by *this* group, and it currently supports scientific model based on Partial Differential Equations of arbitrary order in space, Balance Law PDE that allow us to use schemes based on Finite Volume Methods to deal with shocks and discontinuities, and Agent-Based Models. Simflowny can be downloaded and used as a docker container. Its source code is available from Bitbucket.

Please check our youtube channel for videos of simulations produced with Simflowny.

Featured simulations

Simulation Video
Tsunami in the shores of Es Vedrà, Ibiza

Dam break viscosity tests
Hydro-dynamical Kelvin-Helmholtz instability
Electromagnetic burst reaching the cathedral of Palma
Bidimensional Waves simulation
FDA’s Nozzle Numerical Simulation Challenge
Binary Neutron Star Collision