Alicia Sintes will present “Ondas gravitacionales, nuevas mensajeras del universo” in the Ateneo de Santander

The third and ‘last conference of the series of talks ‘Ateneas’ will bring to the Ateneo de Santander the director of the only Spanish scientific group that has participated in the detection of gravitational waves, a milestone awarded with the Nobel Prize, Alicia Sintes.

It will be on Wednesday, February 23 at 19:30, in person and with free admission until full capacity is reached. It can also be followed online from the Ateneo’s YouTube channel.

Abstract: Astrophysics is living a revolutionary era: new techniques, instruments and theories are providing for the first time truthful and coherent answers to the great questions that humanity has been pursuing for centuries. In this talk we will focus on gravitational waves, first captured in 2015, and one of the greatest scientific milestones of this century. These new messengers of the universe, will allow us to open a new window to the cosmos that could revolutionize the understanding of the Universe in which we live. In this talk we will explain what these ripples of space-time are, how they are detected, and what new information they bring us.

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