Image Processing

Overview of the research activity

Satellite image source: Centre National d’Études Spatiales, Enhancement by TAMI

The TAMI group has more than 20 years experience on applied mathematics for image analysis and processing. It also has long-term collaboration with industry and applied projects. On this level, TAMI has had a permanent technology transfer contract, renewed every year since 2006 with the company DxO Labs, one of the world leaders in image processing, whose image processing chains equips currently more than 300 millions cameraphones. TAMI has also a longstanding cooperation with CNES (the French Space Agency) for over one decade, where the team contributed to the image restoration chain of the Earth observation satellites SPOT5 and the recently launched Pléiades.

Main research lines of our group are:

  1. Filtering and restoration of digital images.
  2. PDE’s based image processing.
  3. Study of color perception and segmentation.
  4. Applications of Gestal theory to feature detection in image and video.
  5. Satellite Imaging, 3D reconstruction.
  6. Medical Imaging.

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