Open Access Software

Distromax: Empirically estimating the distribution of the loudest candidate from a gravitational-wave search. This package implements the methods described in Tenorio, Modafferi, Keitel, Sintes (2021) to estimate the distribution of the loudest candidate from a search.

PyFstat: a Python package for continuous gravitational-wave data analysis.

Freetwm: a simulation tool for semiconductor lasers (J.Javaloyes et al).. Freetwm is a free (GPL) software designed for the study of the dynamics of multisection semiconductor lasers based on the Traveling Wave approach of Maxwell Bloch equations. Distributed Bragg gratings (possibly chirped), saturable absorbers and passive sections can be included. Parametric modulation of the bias current or of the reverse voltage as well as external optical injection can be achieved with arbitrary waveforms. At last, the (optional) mapping of the dynamics onto a simplified ensemble of coupled delayed equations allows for orders of magnitude speed improvements.

Simflowny:  Simflowny  has been fully developed by the members of the IAC3 group. This framework allows for the simulations of Partial Differential Equations, such as Navier-Stokes and Maxwell Equations or the Brusselator model. It can simulate Balance Law PDEs, Generic PDEs, Spatial Agent-Based Models such as Ising and Collective Motion (flocking) models as well as Graph-based Models, such as the Voter model and the Elementary Cellular Automaton. Simflowny can be downloaded and used as a docker container. Its source code is available from Bitbucket.

IPOL: ( Image Processing OnLine)  The group participates in the online project IPOL, which reviews and puts online implementations of state of the art algorithms. A thorough review certifies the accordance of code with algorithm description. An online demo, permits non-experts users to test and reproduce research results without the need of installing programming libraries.

Einstein Toolkit: The Einstein Toolkit is a community-driven software platform of core computational tools to advance and support research in relativistic astrophysics and gravitational physics. IAC3 members are users and developers for the Einstein Toolkit.

LALsuite: The LSC Algorithm Library Suite (LALSuite) is a free (GPL) software comprised of various gravitational wave data analysis codes and pipelines IAC3 members have contributed to.

Bhptoolkit: The black hole perturbation toolkit, or, brings together software and data relating to black hole perturbation theory. This is particularly useful in the gravitational wave source modelling of extreme mass-ratio inspirals – a binary where one black hole is about a million’s times the mass of the other. These systems are expected in the heart of galaxies and are a key target for the upcoming ESA mission, LISA, a space-based gravitational wave detector with NASA. The toolkit also has a dedicated community on