Doctoral Theses

Doctoral Theses

GroupTitleDoctoral candidateDirectorsDate of Viva
RelativityLarge Eddy Simulations of Binary Neutron Star
Mergers: Turbulent Amplification of Magnetic Field
Ricard Aguilera MiretCarlos Palenzuela24/11/2022
Image Processing"Geometrical image characterization and multi-exposure imaging"Onofre Martorell NadalDr. A.Buades21/10/2022
RelativityAccurate models of gravitational wave signals from precessing black holesHéctor Estellés EstrellaDr. Sascha Husa and Dra. Marta Colleoni,28/07/2022
AstrophysicsLarge-Amplitude Oscillation in Eupting and Quiescent Solar ProminencesValeriia Kiakh.Dr Manuel Luna i Dra. Elena Khomenko10/12/2021
Computer ApplicationsDynamics of Optical Localized Structures in Passively Mode-Locked LasersChristian Schelte Dr. Julien Joseph Pierre Javaloyes i Dra. Svetlana Gurevich.02/08/2021
Astrophysics3D numerical simulations of oscillations in solar prominences and gravitational instability in threads.Andres AdroverDr. Jaume Terradas28/07/2021
RelativitySearching for continuous gravitational waves with advanced LIGOJosep Blai Covas VidalDra. Alicia Sintes Olives28/07/2020
RelativityWaveform modelling of Binary Black Holes in the Advanced LIGO eraCecilio García QuirósDr. Sascha Husa and Dra. Alicia Sintes Olives22/07/2020
RelativityGravitational waves from generic binary black holes: From numerical simulations to observational resultsAntoni Ramos BuadesDr. Sascha Husa21/07/2020
Image ProcessingMulti-view imaging: depth estimation and enhancement Júlia Navarro OliverDr. A.Buades02/12/2019
Image ProcessingApplication of optimal transport and non-local methods to hyperspectral and multispectral image fusionJamila MifdalDr. Bartomeu Coll,
Dr. Jacques Froment and Dr Nicolas Coutry (tutor)
AstrophysicsTemporal evolution of MHD waves in solar coronal arcades
Samuel Rial LesagaDr. Iñigo Arregui, Dr. R. Oliver11/10/2019
Image ProcessingFacial Detection and Expression Recognition Applied to Social RobotsSilvia Ramis GuarinosDr. José Luis Lisani,
Dr. Francisco Perales,
Dr. José María Buades Rubio
RelativityGravitational wave data analysis for the advanced detector era.Miquel Oliver AlmiñanaDra. A.Sintes
Dr. S.Husa
RelativityCoalescence of Exotic Compact Objects in the new era of gravitational wave astronomyBezares Figueroa, Miguel Ángel AndrésDr. Palenzuela Luque, Carlos26/06/2019
AstrophysicsHigh-frequency waves and instabilities in multi-fluid partially ionized solar plasmasMartínez, DavidDr.R.Soler
Dr. J. Terradas
RelativityHierarchical data-driven modelling of binary Black hole mergersXisco Jiménez FortezaDra. A.Sintes
Dr. S.Husa
Image ProcessingRestoration and analysis of digital imagesMartin Rais Dr. B.Coll
Dr. J.M.Morel
Dynamical SystemsEstimation of connectivity between neurons and reproduction of neuronal
behaviors by piecewise linear systems
Catalina Vich LlompartDr. R.Prohens
Dr. A.Guillamon
Image ProcessingContributions to Regularized Ill-Posed Inverse Problems in Digital ImagingJoan DuranDr. A.Buades
Dra. C.Sbert
Dr. B.Coll
RelativityFree evolution of the hyperboloidal initial value problem in spherical simmetryAlex H. Vañó ViñualesDra. A.Sintes
Dr. S.Husa
RelativitySub-dominant modes of the gravitational radiation from compact binary coalescences: construction of hybrid waveforms and impact on gravitational wave searchesJuan Calderón BustilloDra. A.Sintes
Dr. S.Husa
RelativityTowards a gauge polyvalent numerical relativity code: numerical methods, boundary conditions and di erent formulationsBona Casas, CarlesBona Garcia, Carles
Dr. Massó Bennàsar, Joan
RelativityGravitational wave observation of compact binaries Detection, parameter estimation and template accuracyTrias Cornellana, MiquelDra. A.Sintes#/10/2010
RelativityTheoretical issues in Numerical Relativity simulationsAlic, Daniela DeliaDr. Bona Casas, Carles#/06/2009


Ongoing Doctoral Theses

GroupTitleDoctoral candidateDirectorsDate of Viva
AstrophysicsCoronal rain as a plasma physics laboratoryMatheus Aguiar-Kriginsky SilvaDr. Ramón OliverOngoing
AstrophysicsNon-linear evolution of MHD waves in solar atmospheric flux tubes.Sergio Díaz SuárezDr. Roberto SolerOngoing
Dynamical SystemsCircuit-level mechanisms of adaptive decision-making: breaking ongoing actionsCristina GiossiDra. Catalina VichOngoing
Computer ApplicationsDynamics and bifurcation analysis of localized structures in coupled optical micro-cavitiesDenis HesselDr. J. Javaloyes and Dra. S. Gurevich
Co Direction UIB/WWU, Munster, Germany
RelativityAcelerando la física de ondas gravitacionales con hardware de computación paralela masiva
Rafel Jaume AmengualDra. Alicia M. Sintes and Dr. Sascha HusaOngoing
Relativity"Decoding big data sets: strategies in parameter estimation for gravitational wave signals from LIGO sensitivity to future detectors"Maria Teresa Mateu LucenaDr. S.HusaOngoing (2022)
AstrophysicsHeating processes in magnetized plasmas Llorenç Melis SánchezDr. Roberto SolerOngoing
RelativitySearching for long-duration transient gravitational waves from spinning
neutron stars
Luana Michela ModafferiDra. Alicia M. Sintes, Dr. David KeitelOngoing
Dynamical Systems"Neuronal piecewise reproducing bursting dynamics."Jordi Penalva VadellDr A. E. Teruel,
Dra C. Vich,
Dr. M. Desroches
Image ProcessingMulti-image processing by deep variational learningIvan Pereira SánchezDr. Joan Duran Grimalt and Dra. Julia Navarro OliverOngoing
RelativityDecoding gravitational wave signals
from compact binary coalescence: from
LIGO design sensitivity toward the LISA
space mission
Maria de Lluc Planas LlompartDr Sascha HusaOngoing
RelativityKilonovas and neutrinos from binary neutron stars mergers.Manuel Rodriguez IzquierdoDr. Carlos Palenzuela i Dr. Joan MassóOngoing
Computer ApplicationsFrequency combs and dynamics of nonlinear Gires-Tournois interferometersThomas SeidelDra. Svetlana Gurevich and Dr. Julien JavaloyesOngoing
Relativity“Novel Strategies for Continuous Gravitational Wave Searches in the Era of the Advanced Detectors”

FPU18/00694 grant, started 09/2019
Rodrigo Tenorio MárquezDra. A.SintesOngoing (2022)


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