Doctoral Theses

GroupTitleDoctoral candidateDirectorsDate of Viva
AstrophysicsThe excitation and damping of large amplitude prominence oscillations from
3D MHD simulations
Andreu AdroverDr. J. TerradasOngoing
Astrophysics3D studies of MHD waves in coronal arcadesS. Rial Dr. I.Arregui
Dr. R.Oliver
AstrophysicsHigh-frequency waves and instabilities in multi-fluid partially ionized solar plasmas

Martínez, DavidDr.R.Soler
Dr. J. Terradas
Dynamical SystemsEstimation of connectivity between neurons and reproduction of neuronal
behaviors by piecewise linear systems
Catalina Vich LlompartDr. R.Prohens
Dr. A.Guillamon
Image ProcessingRestoration and analysis of digital imagesMartin Rais Dr. B.Coll
Dr. J.M.Morel
Image ProcessingContributions to Regularized Ill-Posed Inverse Problems in Digital ImagingJoan DuranDr. A.Buades
Dra. C.Sbert
Dr. B.Coll
RelativityNumerical Relativity in the new era of multimessenger astronomyMiguel Bezares FigueroaDr. C. PalenzuelaOngoing
RelativityCharacterization of the Hough all-sky search for continuous gravitational
wave signals using LIGO data
Josep Blai Covas VidalDra. A.SintesOngoing
RelativityAccurate models of gravitational wave signals from precessing black holesHéctor Estellés EstrellaDra. A.Sintes
Dr. S.Husa
RelativityModelling the dynamics of black hole coalescence with Numerical RelativityAntoni Ramos BuadesDra. A.Sintes
Dr. S.Husa
RelativityWaveform modelling of Binary Black Holes in the Advanced LIGO eraCecilio García QuirósDra. A.Sintes
Dr. S.Husa
RelativitySub-dominant modes of the gravitational radiation from compact binary
coalescences: construction of hybrid waveforms and impact on gravitational
wave searches.
Juan Calderón BustilloDra. A.Sintes
Dr. S.Husa
RelativityHierarchical data-driven modelling of binary black hole mergersXisco Jiménez FortezaDra. A.Sintes
Dr. S.Husa
RelativityFree evolution of the hyperboloidal initial value problem in spherical symmetryAlex H. Vañó ViñualesDra. A.Sintes
Dr. S.Husa
RelativitySearch for gravitational waves in the advanced detector eraMiquel Oliver AlmiñanaDra. A.Sintes
Dr. S.Husa

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