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2024 Events

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Gravitational PhysicsFrom LVK to LISA: Extending BILBY to perform Bayesian inference with space-based gravitational-wave observatoriesSeminarCharlie HoyOnlineUniversity of Portsmouth12/04/2024
Gravitational PhysicsGravitational wave memory as a tool for observational scienceSeminarMichael EbersoldCamus UIB, Palma, SpainAnnecy, LAPP22/03/2024
Dynamical SystemsUnraveling neuronal dynamics under the effects of synaptic plasticitySeminarRosa M. Delicado MollCamus UIB, Palma, Spain18/03/2024
Gravitational PhysicsBeyond General Relativity and the strongly gravitating/dynamical regimeSeminarLuis LehnerCamus UIB, Palma, SpainPerimeter Institute08/03/2024
Gravitational PhysicsEscoltant l'Univers, darrers avenços amb les ones gravitacionalsSeminarAlicia SintesCamus UIB, Palma, Spain28/02/2024
Gravitational PhysicsThe averaging problem in relativistic cosmology: the consequences of spatial inhomogeneity and the choice of space+time splitSeminarPierre MourierCamus UIB, Palma, Spain21/02/2024
Dynamical SystemsQuartic rigid systems in the plane and in the Poincaré sphereSeminarLuis Ángel Calderón PérezCamus UIB, Palma, Spain14/02/2024
Gravitational PhysicsGravitational waves and multi-messenger astronomySeminarNeha SinghCamus UIB, Palma, Spain09/02/2024
AstrophysicsMHD Wave Propagation and Kelvin–Helmholtz Instability in Asymmetric Magnetic Slab SystemsSeminarBalazs AsztalosOnlineELTE University, Hungary08/02/2024
Image ProcessingBeyond Variational Model and Self-Similarity in Super-Resolution: Unfolding Models and Multi-Head AttentionSeminarIván PereiraCamus UIB, Palma, Spain07/02/2024
Image ProcessingTwo Nonlocal Variational Models for Retinex Image DecompositionSeminarFrank W. HammondCamus UIB, Palma, Spain07/02/2024
Image ProcessingTècniques d'optimització per a l'obtenció d'imatges i pel·lícules d'objectes astronòmics: Resolent un problema invers mal posat amb milers de variablesSeminarAlejando Mus MejíasCamus UIB, Palma, Spain07/02/2024

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