The IAC3 participates in different research and technological projects, ranging from satellite image processing to applications in computational physiology. Our research excellence has been recognized both internationally and nationally and we have been awarded with several competitive grants.

Featured Project


Software Platform for Prototyping New Physical Models

This was the very first IAC3 initiative – developing a software platform (Simflowny) that could provide users with a fast tool for prototyping new physical models and problems, of many different fields, bypassing the need to painfully handcraft code.

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Current Projects


Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation Simulation

This project seeks to validate a physiological mathematical model based on partial derivatives equations adapted at the aortic root for the determination of hemodynamic factors predictors of tissue damage and prosthesis fatigue.

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Self-organised information processing, criticality and emergence in multilevel systems

Sophocles contributes to a theory of dynamics of multi level complex systems by developing mathematical and computational formalisms for information processing in such multi level systems.

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National Center for Particle, Astroparticle and Nuclear Physics

CPAN is a project within the framework of CONSOLIDER – Ingenio 2010 program. This project aims to actively promote the coordinated participation of the Spanish scientific groups in cutting edge research in particle physics, astroparticle and nuclear physics.

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Qualitative study of dynamical systems and their applications

Periodic behaviours and bifurcations

This project is part of the dynamical systems group research and its purpose is to contribute on the qualitative study of dynamical systems, without neglecting the application that the obtained results have to real live models, such as neuronal models in our case. In particular, we aboard three different aspects: periodic behavior in low dimension, periodic behaviors in piecewise linear differential systems of larger dimension and the applications to neuroscience.

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Other projects

International Space Science Institute Team on Partially ionized plasmas in Astrophysics (2013-2015). Composición: 12 investigadores de Rusia, Australia, España, Irlanda, Austria, Estados Unidos y Méjico. IP: J. L. Ballester.

International Space Science Institute Team on Large Amplitude oscillations in solar prominences (2014-2016). Composición: 11 investigadores de China, Inglaterra, España, Croacia y Estados Unidos. J. Terradas, J. L. Ballester (responsables UIB).

International Space Science Institute Team on Implications for coronal heating and magnetic fields from coronal rain and modelling (2014-2016). Composición: 15 investigadores de Japón, Suiza, Noruega, España, Inglaterra, Austria, Bélgica y Estados Unidos. R. Oliver, R. Soler (responsables UIB). Instabilities in partially ionized plasmas. Ref: IN-2014-016. The Leverhulme Trust International Networks. (2014-2017). R. Oliver (responsable UIB).

Magnetic Rossby waves in the Sun. Ref: P26181-N27 FWF Austria (2013-2016). IP: T. Zaqarashvili. J.L. Ballester (responsable UIB).

Energy transport in the solar atmosphere: Background flows. Ref: P25640-N27 FWF Austria (2014-2017) IP: T. Zaqarashvili. R. Oliver (responsable UIB).

Estudio cualitativo de sistemas dinámicos y de sus aplicaciones. Comportamientos periódicos y bifurcaciones. Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación.Ref: MTM2014-54275-P. IP: Rafel J. Prohens Sastre. (2014-2016, 39.900€).

 Análisis de datos de ondas gravitacionales y simulaciones de fuentes para la era de los detectores avanzados. Ministerio de Economía  y Competitividad. Ref: FPA2013-41042-P. IP: Alicia Sintes y Sascha Husa (2014-2016, 140.000€).

Past Featured Projects