Simflowny – Code

Simflowny – Code

Once you have generated a discrete problem you wish to translate this abstract formulation to specific code on a certain simulation platform. Simflowny is designed as an extensible framework on which plug-ins for different simulation platforms can be easily added. The current version provides support for the Cactus simulation framework and for the SAMRAI mesh management system. Both Cactus and SAMRAI provide parallelization by leveraging MPI-based communication between computers, which permits running simulations on clusters and taking advantage of multiple cores in modern chips.

Simflowny generates Fortran code for Cactus and C++ code for SAMRAI. It is also capable of compiling and linking a final binary that can be independently used as a simulation software. Alternatively, Simflowny also provides a GUI to manage simulations within the platform. Simulations may be launched locally, or remotely, by connecting to a Grid infrastructure.

Output both in Cactus and SAMRAI is mainly generated through HDF5 files, which contain snapshots from certain instants in the simulation. These results may be visualized with a number of commercial and free visualization tools.


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