Simflowny – Results

Simflowny – Results

The conceptual architecture of Simflowny has been tested thoroughly to validate the idea that the formal representations it defines are sufficiently flexible to accommodate the standard laws in physics.

This validation has been reflected in the creation of a number of models (table I), problems, and discretization schemas (table II). Some problems provided with the platform are:

Table I: Physical models provided with the example database

Model Application
Wave equation Test
Advection equation Test
Burguers equation Test
Euler equations Fluid dynamics
Navier-Stokes equations Fluid dynamics
Heat transfer (diffusion) equation Thermal properties of matter
Maxwell equations Electromagnetism
Magnetohydrodynamics Astrophysics

Table II: Discretization schemas provided with the examples database Schema component Application

Schema component Application
Method of lines general framework
Forward Euler time discretization scheme
Runge-Kutta of 3rd and 4th order (RK3 and
time discretization scheme
Adams-Bashforth time discretization scheme
Godunov spatial reconstructions
MUSCL spatial reconstructions
Parabolic Piece-Wise spatial reconstructions
WENO (3rd and 5th orders) spatial reconstructions
Lax-Friedrichs Riemann solver
Local Lax-Friedrichs Riemann solver
Finite differences Oscher-Chakravarthy
Riemann solver
RK3+WENO+LLF stable global scheme
RK3+FDOC stable global scheme