Isabell Piantschitsch has received Austrian Schrödinger grant

Isabell Piantschitsch is from Austria and she obtained a master degree in Mathematics and a doctoral degree in Astrophysics, both at the University of Graz (Austria). She has been working as a Postdoc here at the UIB as a member of the Solar Physics Research group and the IAC3 between January 2020 and April 2021. The collaboration with the members of the Research group here was very fruitful, so she decided to apply for the Austrian Schrödinger grant.
The Schrödinger grant is a prestigious and competitive grant for Postdocs in Austria (similar to the Juan de la Cierva grant here). This grant allows the Austrian Postdocs to go abroad to an excellent research institute in a foreign country for two years in order to carry out their own research projects. The title of her research project is “Interaction between solar coronal waves and coronal holes”.  This project will be carried out with the Solar Physics Research Group at the UIB, especially together with Jaume Terradas, whom she was working and collaborating with already for the last 1.5 years (when she was employed as a Postdoc here at the UIB).
The project will combine magnetohydrodynamic numerical simulations with observations of the solar atmosphere in order to understand the effects of the interaction between the waves in the solar corona and coronal holes. This topic has been studied relatively little so far and only a few of these interaction events have been described and analysed. Therefore, it is very important to investigate these effects in more detail in order to understand the dynamics of the solar atmosphere more comprehensively.
The third year of the project is supposed to be carried out at the University of Graz in order to strengthen the collaboration and the scientific exchange between the Institute of Physics in Graz, Austria, and the Solar Physics Research Group at the UIB.
Congratulations for these excellents works and getting this grant!